Android Mobile Device Management


Your advantages at a glance


You can determine, which apps are executable on your devices. With just one click you can prevent executing installed apps.
Furthermore it is also possible to prevent executing system-apps as "Google Play", "Internet Browser", "Settings" or the like.

Mobile Device Management

By using our Android Device Management you can keep track of installed apps of every device. So it is easy to allow or disallow apps with just a few clicks.

distant Control can make an inventory of your hard- and software of your mobile devices.
Get an overview by automatic inventury of your devices and keep in business.

You can activate call logging to see all outgoing, incoming or missed calls. Further you can manage password-policies to ensure all devices have passwords you want to have. Decide after how many incorrect entries of the password a device is "wiped".

GPS-Location of devices will be supported as well. So you can see on a map where are devices right now.

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